What Parents Get

Identification of talent at
an early stage
Access to investor
funding / affordability
Access to large coaching
Career guidance for

What Children Get

what children get
Online Sports Folio
what children get
Recognized by Sportospot
what children get
Development of Talent and Potential
what children get
Continuous Guidance and Feedback

sportospot features

Swift Sport Folio Creation
Your child’s Sporto Folio gets created instantly once you register with Sportospot. Not only that, if you want to update the information later, your child’s Sporto Folio gets instantly updated so you don’t have to wait to share it and brag about your child.
All-Round Career Information
You get the ability to enter various details as your child progresses through their career, such as information, stats, images as well as videos from their games out there for everyone to see. The Sporto Folio will be the only thing you ever need to manage your little one’s career.
Go Mobile With Sportospot
Not only do you have the ability to access the platform on a computer, you can also do all the same things you want to even using your mobile. So, if you are at a game and you want to update your child’s Sporto Folio in real-time, we have you covered!
Manage Your Child’s Sporto Folio
You have access to all the information that can be displayed on your child’s Sporto Folio, from testimonials from the pros and coaches, to the images and videos that can be displayed. You have complete control over what you want to show off to the world.

Our Founders

Pradeep Parashar
Pradeep Parashar hails from a family of pro athletes and coaches. He himself is a passionate sports enthusiast who has donned multiple hats over the course of his professional career as a management consultant, business analyst, and entrepreneur. He is now a corporate professional on a path to solve various issues in the sports industry.
Sangram Singh
Sangram Singh is an Indian wrestler, actor, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and health guru. He won the Commonwealth Heavyweight Wrestling Championship in July 2015 that was held in South Africa. The World Wrestling Professionals awarded him the title of World's Best Wrestler in 2012. He was also the brand ambassador for the Wrestling Federation of India for 2014.
Vipul Dahiya
Vipul Dahiya runs the Pratap Public School, Kharkoda. The school has Olympic-level facilities and training centers for about 20 sports and is attended by 3000+ students additionally is certified by the Sports Association of India. The school has a unique distinction and record of winning 191+ international medals won for India.


₹ 20,000
  • Personalized Sporto Folio Page
  • Sporto Instant Welcome Uploader
  • Sporto Instant Testimonial Generator
  • Sporto Training Album Generator
  • Sporto Competition Album
  • Sporto Testimonial Field
  • Sporto Personalised Career Stat Page
  • Sporto Digital Certificate Holder
₹ 40,000
  • Personalized Sporto Folio Page
  • Sporto Instant Welcome Uploader
  • Sporto Instant Testimonial Generator
  • Sporto Training Album Generator
  • Sporto Competition Album
  • Sporto Testimonial Field
  • Sporto Personalised Career Stat Page
  • Sporto Digital Certificate Holder


Sportospot is an online platform to give your child’s sporting dreams the boost that they deserve. We intend to harness and unlock the potential of budding Indian athletes by streamlining the process of identifying talent and all the necessary resources required, from financing to training and mentoring from top coaches and pro athletes to harness your child’s sporting potential.
As parents, we want to ensure that our child’s dreams do not die out in vain, especially when it comes to sports. Sportospot aims to clear out the hurdles that lie in the way of your child’s sporting dreams by : Helping you identify your child’s sporting talent early so correct resources can be deployed to harness their potential.
  • Help you finance from investors and sponsors for resources needed to enable your child to reach their sporting potential.
  • Get access to the best coaching facilities along with top coaches across a wide range of sports, so you can be at peace that your child is in the best hands.
  • Guide your child through their career with the best mentors who will keep in mind what would be best for them and their sporting careers.
Children are often unsure how to take their sporting dreams forward, and when there is no one around from a sporting background to guide them, it can be an even more daunting task. Sportospot makes sure that children focus on developing their skills and not on any of the other hurdles that come their way: They can create their own Sporto Folio, where they can add all the information you want the world to see and know about.
  • Early identification and recognition by Sportospot of their talent and potential, and track their development, also ensure that they get the right resources to excel.
  • Get access to the best coaching facilities and top coaches across a wide range of sports, so the child gets the best of the best when it comes to nurturing their potential.
As the name suggests, your child’s Sporto Folio is their Sports Portfolio. It will function just like any resumé/portfolio and will capture their career and achievements. All of this will be made online, making it easy for you to share with coaches, potential investors/sponsors, and pro-athletes for them to understand and back your child immediately.
With a Sporto Folio, you can share all relevant information about a child’s sporting career; to ensure that investors/sponsors, coaches, and pro athletes have all the relevant details to back them. You can add the following information to a Sporto Folio:
  • Player Information
  • Career Stats
  • Training Images & Videos
  • Competition Images and Videos
  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Testimonials by Coaches, Pro Athletes, and Experts
  • Certificates
You can include the following information in your Player Information section :
  • Child’s Name
  • Name of the School
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Choice of Sport
  • Introductory Video
  • Introductory Text
This will act as a dedicated page with an in-depth profile about your child making it easy for potential investors, sponsors, and talent scouts to discover your child's talent and connect with you directly for potential sponsorships.
The process of uploading your child's career stat is straightforward. It requires you just to uploads the following details to enter a Career Stat :
  • Name of Event
  • Date of the Event
  • Location of the Event
  • Affiliation of the Event
  • Performance Stats For the Event
  • Achievements at the Events
Additionally, SportoSpot verifies the career stats of your child's achievements that will improve their chances to get admissions into schools/colleges, get backed by investors and sponsors, and easily apply for scholarships.
You can upload and showcase images or videos of your child in their daily training session and them in action during the competitive meets. This will give your child encouragement from relatives, friends, and their school and act updates to potential investors, sponsors, and talent scouts.
You can easily create a fundraising campaign, funding for your child's training, and more. The fundraising campaign can be easily set up by uploading the following information
  • Campaign Name
  • Start and End Date of the Campaign
  • Campaign Description
  • Funding Needed for Campaign
  • Campaign Images & Videos
SportoSpot will also be marketing the fundraising campaigns to their investors' pool to make the fundraising campaigns a success.
SportoSpot has devised a simple and easy 4 click process to take testimonials and get validation from top coaches, experts, and established athletes. Additionally, you can manage the testimonials which would appear on your Sporto Folio from the admin panel.
You can take a picture of the certificate and add some additional information to store your certificate digitally. The SportoSpot team additionally works with relevant bodies to verify the certificate to affirm the authenticity of the certificate uploaded by you. Once the certificates are verified, they will appear on your Sporto Folio, making it easy for you to share all your child's achievements to talent scouts, potential investors, as well as easily apply for scholarships and school/college admission.